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The Red Basket Project strives to create equity by providing period products to those in need so that they may manage their periods safely and with dignity.

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Honor someone who has left a lasting impact on your life or give in memory of a departed loved one and know your contribution will make a tangible impact.

Our goal is to connect with 300 compassionate individuals willing to give: 

  • An ongoing monthly donation of $25

  • Or an annual contribution of $300

Will you be one of 300?

Addressing Period Poverty

Grace Meng

"Menstrual equity is not a choice or a luxury. It is a human right and a health right."

Cindy Steinhauser

“In today's world, access to feminine hygiene products  should NOT be a barrier to  a woman's health or education.  I support the Red Basket Project  of  Dubuque  for helping to bring this issue to light. When I think about the youth of today and how they will be the leaders of tomorrow, I wonder what they will think of us - the ones who through our actions, have taught them how to lead? Have we taught them to lead with compassion? Hats off to The Red Basket Project for teaching us how to lead.”

Steven Tyler

"If men bled, tampons would be free."
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